Vintage Wisdom | Week 8 - Money

(Pv 10:15-16, 11:1,4,24,26; 13:21-23; 30:8-9)

Money can be a great tool to do a lot of good, but when it because our main source of identity, it becomes a destructive force in our lives. The gospel frees us from the power and worries of money. 

Vintage Wisdom | Money
Crossbridge Church
Vintage Wisdom | Week 7 - Power of Words

(Pv 10:18-19,31-32; 12:13-14,17-18,15:1,4;16:23,28;18:13,21;24:26; 25:11,15)

Our words carry a lot of power. We can use them to honor God and build people or to destroy people and dishonor God. The Word of God helps us to redeem our use of words."

Vintage Wisdom | The Power of Words
Crossbridge Church
Vintage Wisdom | Week 2 - Anger Management

(Proverbs 14:29-30; 15:1,18; 16:32; 19:11, 19; 24:28-29, 25:21-22)

Anger is the natural response that takes place when that which we love is under threat. There's a healthy way to be angry and a destructive way to anger. The gospel heals us from the destructiveness of anger. 

Vintage Wisdom | Anger Management
Crossbridge Church